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6 Common Female Bodybuilding Errors

Female bodybuilding is mainstream today.  More and more women are in the gym slinging iron and doing physique competitions.  Here is your guide to building a great body you an be proud of.

female bodybuilding errors

How to do build beautiful female muscle? Many might say muscle is built by weight training, but that’s only part of the equation. Now, how do you actually build beautiful feminine muscle? The answer is weight training with the proper intensity, right form, and training just enough to stimulate growth.

Common Female Bodybuilding Error #1

One of the biggest bodybuilding mistakes I see is lifters are not challenging their muscles during their training sessions.   Sure, you can train hard, but is your training intensity anaerobically challenging?  If you can squat 135 for 10 reps every time you do squats, you are NOT challenging yourself and your muscle gains will soon become stagnant.  Muscle development is a result of training with maximum force combined with progressive overload.

Common Female Bodybuilding Error #2

Another big training mistake is not using heavy compound exercises when working out.  Compound exercises are multi-joint exercises that call upon all the joints and muscles of that are to execute the movement.  These are the core exercises for any real muscle building program.  You just aren’t going to build head-turning muscle by doing only leg extensions, curls, and chest flys.  Sorry.  You have to do the core lifts.  If your workout doesn’t include compound exercises, you won’t build muscle to your full potential.

fit female flexing biceps

Common Female Bodybuilding Error #3

One thing you must have in your training program is you want to get results is consistency.  If you are going about your workouts and diet in a haphazard manner, you are making a costly mistake.  It’s critical that you set a dietary and training plan and stick to it.

Chris Zalno notes, “Our goal should be to follow our programs the best we can day in and day out most of the time. The longer the time you stick with something the better you will become at it. Let’s go over some ways we can remain more consistent with our exercise programs.

Common Female Bodybuilding Error #4

Another huge downfall in bodybuilding programs is not giving your current program enough time to prove itself. I know, you want to have built your muscle yesterday.  But, if you want your program to give you those muscle-building results, you have to be patient and give it time to work.  Too many people constantly jump from one program to the next, not giving any of them a chance, and doing so only hurts your muscle gains.  How will you know what works for you if you never give any program the time it needs to get changes to occur?  Find a program that suits your goals, log your training (exercises, sets, reps), stick to it for at least 12 weeks, and gauge your progress from that.  That’s the only way you can gauge your progress.

woman curling barbell

Common Female Bodybuilding Error #5

You are making a terrible mistake if you expect to see changes overnight.  I don’t know why so many women think their physique can transform overnight.  You have to realize that when you see those well-built bodies in the gym or on the stage, they didn’t drink a protein drink and lift a dumbbell to look like that.  Building such a physique takes months and even years to develop.  Building a great body is a process that you have to trust, not an event you try to conquer.   You have to put in the time and the work to reap the rewards, and part of that process is simply being patient.

Common Female Bodybuilding Error #6

In interesting female bodybuilding error is training too much.  Come on, you know you are guilty of it because every lifer as exceeded his or her training before.  Weight training for muscle development shouldn’t be a weight training marathon, and you don’t need endless rep and sets every blessed day.   In fact, training too much can actually stall your muscle development process.   You have to understand when you workout with weights you are simply tearing down your muscles so they can rebuild into a stronger and denser unit.  Once you tear down your muscles, that’s it.  Your work is complete.  From there you need to get some nutrients to the muscles and allow them to rest.  Only then can muscle growth take place.


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