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5 Tips to Triple Your Muscle Gains

triple your muscle gains
Here are 5 Simple Tips to Triple Your Muscle Gains

Are you training 5 days a week, eating limited carbs and still not building muscle as you desire?  If you think it takes spending hours upon hours in the gym, hammering the iron relentlessly, you can relax. I can show you 5 simple ways to triple your muscle gains immediately!

Drink More Water

Water is the most critical nutrient for muscle growth. It is the number one essential element that’s so overly discarded when it comes to weight training and building muscle. If you are only 10% dehydrated, your strength levels will drop a whopping 50% when training.

Jeff Behar at tells u, “Water is the medium in which all energy reactions take place. If you become dehydrated you will become lethargic, may experience cramping, and endurance and strength performance will suffer.”

If you want to boost your training performance and muscle gains, tilt the bottle, the water bottle that is. Hydrate your muscles well so they have the ability to push 100% each training session.

Eat Carbs

Most people are on the low-carb frenzy and trying to build muscle. That just won’t work. If you want to build muscle and boost strength you have to eat carbs. They are the primary source of energy for activity and for weight training.

When you train heavy with maximum intensity you deplete your glycogen stores. This leads to a greater need of carbohydrates for fuel and glycogen replenishment.

Limit Your Training

While most people think more is better, the exact opposite is true when it comes to weight training and building muscle.

When you weight train you tear down your muscle tissue. Rest is what allows your damaged muscle tissue to repair and rebuild. Without adequate rest, your muscles will not grow properly.  To triple your muscle gains, cut back your training and allow the growth to occur.

Employ Compound Exercises

A compound exercise is a multi-joint movement that allows all the muscles and joints of the specific area to execute the movement.

When you do a compound exercise you are working all the muscles in that group simultaneously, improving your core and allowing you to lift more weight resulting in greater muscle growth.

Lift Heavy Weight

To build muscle you must continually increase the demands on the musculoskeletal system every training session. Your muscle will grow when they are forced to overload.

The idea is to constantly overload your muscles through increased poundage or repetitions every workout to improve muscle strength and size. If you don’t give your muscles a reason to grow, they won’t.

Look… Building muscle doesn’t have to be hard. Simply by employing these 5 easy steps you can triple your muscle gains in no time flat. You can find these and a LOT more natural bodybuilding information in my Bodybuilding Secrets Program…


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