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3 Foods To Avoid For Quick Fat Loss

Avoid These Foods For Super Quick Fat Loss…

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Are you clothes fitting a bit snug?  Is the number on your scale slowly creeping up?  Let’s face it, you want quick fat loss, so I’m going to give you 3 foods to avoid for quick fat loss results.

Now, calories do count to some degree, but what we are going to focus on is removing certain foods and food-like items in your diet.  In eliminating these items from your food plan, it will automatically cut your fat intake, as well as carbs, sugar and overall calories.  Sounds pretty easy, right?  Great, let’s move on to the details of the 3 foods to avoid for quick fat loss.

It’s A Process (A Process of Elimination)

First of all, the simple act of cutting, and I mean totally REMOVING, processed food from your contest prep diet will start the fat burning process.  In fact, you will start to see some physique changes in less than a week by avoiding franken-food.

This is a no-brainer.  Sadly, many people believe that if the processed food has a “healthy” stamp on it, that it’s fine to eat.  No, Nope, NO WAY!

Here’s the raw truth…place of processed food  If it’s pre-packaged with a list of 5 or more ingredients, and you can’t pronounce some of the ingredients, it’s probably, NO, it’s a fact that it is not good for you… Not just you, it’s not good for your body.

Processed food’s ingredients’ is usually a list of chemicals and toxins that your body can’t process.  These chemicals become lodged in your fat stores and just sit there, accumulating and eventually turning into a toxin.

“MSG and free glutamates are used to enhance flavor in about 80% of all processed foods” says Raymond Francis M.Sc MIT, at HungryForChangeBlog.  MSG is a toxin and in a lot of processed foods, and often with disguised as autolyzed yeast, calcium caseinate, gelatin, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, hydrolyzed yeast, natural flavorings, soy extracts, spices (very sneaky one), and yeast extract.

You see, your body is designed to process whole and natural foods, those which come from nature.

Keep It To A Minimum (Proceed With Caution)

Alcohol is the single oldest and most commonly used drug.  It can appear all innocent since it’s derived from grains, juice, and honey, but a constant and/or excessive intake of it can cause numerous problems to your health and your weight.

Most alcohol contains about 7 empty calories per gram.  It also negatively affects protein synthesis, increases estrogen, increases fat storage, dehydrates you, depletes your vitamins and minerals and interferes with their absorption of red wine being poured for quick fat loss

Now, you don’t have to be dry.  Drinking alcohol is okay if you limit it.  Most alcohol is calorically-dense and typically full of sugar.

HOWEVER (< that means good news ahead), this is not to say that ALL alcohol is bad for you.  Some variations of alcohol actually have some helpful benefits when consumed in moderation. (Note keyword: moderation)

Red wine, for example, has prominent health benefits due to an antioxidant it contains called resveratol.  Yes, having one glass (5 ounces) of red wine a day can benefit your heart, boost fat loss, and stop fatty blockages in your arteries.  As an added bonus, red wine is fairly low in calories and carbs so it can fit right into your figure diet plan.

So, getting drunk routinely is a no-no.  Having 5 oz of red wine a day, you pass the health test.

Avoid These Hidden Tyrants (More Damaging Than You Think)

To lose body fat, it would be beneficial to kick soft drinks to the curb.  Soft drinks, pop, cola… Whatever you call it in your neck of the woods, it’s bad for you.

This also goes for juice and any other drink that has been sweetened with sugar, or rather the white devil!  Sugar-laden drinks containing “high fructose corn syrup” are empty calories, cause you to crave more sugar due to its addictive properties, and they will get stored in your gut.

Sugar is damaging to the body and it causes fat storage at an unbelievable rate.  HOWEVER, I want to make it clear that the sugar in natural fruit is 100% perfectly acceptable, as its fructose, a natural sugar, right from Mother Nature herself.   Look, her job is to take care of our health.  The sugar in fruit does not affect the insulin the same way simple sugar does.

Oh, but there’s diet soda…a no sign for apsartame no good for quick fat loss  That’s fine to have, right?  I’m going to have to give you a big fat NO on that one too.  Sorry, I have to be honest.  That’s my job as a coach.  Many people fail to accept that aspartame is a toxin and damaging to your overall health.

In fact, aspartame is an excitotoxin, just like MSG.  Excitotoxins are flavor enhancers which are very common in many processed foods and commercial diet foods.  They cause nerve cell and brain damage by artificially over-stimulating the neurotransmitters.

One problem with aspartame is that it is about 200 times sweeter than sugar.  When you drink a diet soda, your pancreas reacts by releasing insulin because it thinks the body receiving sugar.  This continual insulin output leads to fat storage, primarily in the belly. If this false insulin spike continues over years, it can result in Type-2 diabetes.

Quick Fat Loss for Belly Fat red arrow pointing down

Okay, I’ve give you the 3 foods to avoid for quick fat loss.  You may or may not like the information given, but it’s the raw and honest truth.   If you want to look like the top Figure Competitors then you need to avoid those 3 things for quick fat loss.  And hey, it’s about your health too.

Just avoid these foods to lose weight and you will kick hundreds of calories and sugar out of your diet, resulting in a leaner and tighter physique in a matter of weeks.

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Here's More Great Information so You Can Melt Fat

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