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3 Ab Sculpting Tips

The Right Ab Sculpting Tips Can Add Density and Depth to Your Abs

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If you are ready to compete in a figure competition, then you will need some ab sculpting tips to get a nice set of abs to go along with your fit physique.  Let’s face it.  Nothing says you’re in shape like a nice tight midsection that’s carved out with fine detail to reveal washboard abs.

For most people, getting their abdominal’s to shine through is the most difficult part about getting in shape and being ready on contest day.  But, with the right information you can lose the excess fat on your belly and have the body you want.

Competition Diet (What Works And What Doesn’t)

When it comes to ab sculpting, your nutrition is key.  I’m going to tackle diet first, since it’s the foundation of your overall health.  The right diet and ab sculpting foods will keep you pretty lean and fit.  This doesn’t mean you have to restrict calories 24/7.  The right diet can mean different things for different figure competitors.

If your calories are in check, then you might want to shift focus to your macro-nutrients and find a balance that works with your body and activity level.  The diet format that works for your favorite Figure Pro may not work for you.

The real secret to the figure diet is to eat clean.  Cut out the pizza, burgers, burritos, restaurant eating, and all that other good tasting stuff.  You can have it on your designated cheat day, otherwise, leave it alone.

A great diet for abs is to stick to eating real food that is unprocessed.  The more veggies you add to your diet, then faster you will lose body fat.  This is why they say that “abs are built in the kitchen.”

Oh, and one more important tip you MUST implement daily… Drink a LOT of water

Figure Cardio (How To Implement Is The Secret)

If you are holding a lot of body fat on your stomach you might try incorporating some added HIIT cardio to your program to burn off the excess fat.   Cardio, combined with the proper figure diet is a two-fold fat annihilator.  That’s what you want to do, right?  To search and DESTROY that belly fat!

Chris Eshnaur at states, “If you are trying to get cut, toned abs, then combining a cardiovascular exercise with an abdominal exercise is an excellent way to get the most out of your workout.”

Start your cardio off on the low end.  The problem too many first time figure competitors have is they start cardio off full-force right out the gate.  If you start your cardio program off doing cardio 45-60 minutes 7 days a week, you will burn out in a matter of weeks.

The trick to making cardio work for fat loss is to establish a baseline format, and build on that.  This is progressive cardio.  Basically, each week do a little more than you did the previous week.

You can toss in shock tactics to trick your body into burning even more fat at times by adding some high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Figure Competition Training (Ab Sclupting Tricks)

Some people will do hundreds of crunches for abs in hopes that the fat will turn to muscle.  Sorry.  That can’t happen. No one wishes for muscle to turn to fat.  You have to diet off the fat and burn it off with cardio.  The ab training will help build the underlying abdominal muscle, which will finally show when you do get the fat off.

One little secret to getting washboard abs is to train your lower abs first.  The lower abdominal area is somewhat weaker, so if you train it first you can maximize your lower ab workout to its fullest.

There’s information around about how often to train abs.  Some say you can train them every other day, others say 3 days a week.  Others go on to say that if you train abs too much they can become thick and blockly.

Here’s The Deal

The abs generally won’t get huge because of the types of muscles fibers that make up the abdominal region and their combination.  Bulky or bloated “abs” are generally a sign of steroid abuse, which is commonly seen in men rather than women.

The abs are a muscle group that you train a bit differently than other muscle groups.  In fact, you can train abs every day if you want, provided they aren’t sore from the previous workout.  In fact, by training abs more, you will increase capillary action, which brings more blood and oxygen to the area, allowing for more fat burning to take place.  Spot reduction?  Perhaps if you apply all the tactics I’m teaching you correctly.

When you feel you have fatigued your ab workout program, you might try adding weight, like cable crunches.  *GASP*  Won’t adding weight to crunches make my abs thick?  No. Again, the abdominal muscle is a bit different than other muscle groups.  It’s just not designed to grow like quads or biceps.

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Diet right, do some cardio and train your abs and you’ll have some sharp and sculpted abs in no time.  Take these ab sculpting tips and start getting that cutting definition in your midsection.  I have some super ab tips to share with you below.  Totally free…


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