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12 Steps to Reversing Obesity

Interesting Ways For Reversing Obesity

reversing obesity by walking

Reversing obesity and its impact on health can be a daily struggle.  Obesity is the fastest growing epidemic right now in the United States.  Many people would say it’s cancer; others would say it’s heart disease.  In today’s modern and convenient lifestyle, obesity is climbing higher and faster than any disease.  What’s more shocking is that it can be controlled, yet it’s so grossly out of control.

Seventy-five percent of Americans are currently overweight.  If that figure isn’t stunning enough, 40% of the overweight are obese (obese are classified as those with a BMI 30 and over).  This is a concern!  With the multitude of diets, exercise machines, weight-loss pills, health clubs, diet foods, and information available, why is this nation so fat and out of shape?  Why aren’t all these weight loss tactics reversing obesity?

I’m sure you tried to battle the bulge yourself using the latest mainstream diet or exercising endlessly.  You start off with the best of intentions and put forth sheer effort, only to see yourself lacking energy.  Your energy and mental drive plummet far before you see any noticeable results and you end up throwing in the towel.

I understand that it can be literally overwhelming on where you should start your safe and effective weight loss journey.  Therefore, to get you on the right path I will reveal to you some key factors on proven ways of reversing obesity.  This could possibly be the missing part of the equation you’ve been looking for to get you on the right track to shedding those pounds.

Honor the Chemical Reaction

Reversing obesity starts with how your body uses food.  Understand that you are a unique individual.  Your body does not have the same chemical reaction as your friends’ or your slender co-worker.  The way food reacts in your body is an important factor that you must address and work on.  Learn what foods work best for your body type and include them in your daily menu.

The Genetic Lie

Reversing obesity can be done because it has nothing to do with genetics.  Genetics do not determine if you will be fat or thin.  Genetics determine your body’s shape and your natural build, meaning that it determines if you are short or tall, muscular or thin.  Your genetics also determine your eye and hair color.  Your diet and lifestyle determine whether you become overweight.

Resilience Is Everything

Many people who are obese have a slow or destroyed metabolism.  What’s brilliant about the human body is that it is very resilient.  Back in the 1970s there was a toy called “Stretch Armstrong.” You could pull and stretch him 4 times the width of his body and he would always snap back into place.  He was resilient.  The same aspect can be said for your body. When you feed it properly and exercise, it can regain its balance and health and start functioning as it is designed to.

This Legal Drug is a Culprit

You can have a jump start on reversing obesity by omitting sugar.  Often times, those who are obese are addicted to certain foods, usually sugary foods.  Sugary foods cause a release of a chemical called serotonin, which makes you feel good temporarily.  This is why many emotional eaters look to sweets as a quick emotional fix.  Sugar literally has a drug-like effect once consumed.

Set Your Metabolic Rate for the Day

Many times, those who are overweight or obese fail to eat breakfast.  Breakfast is the number one, absolute most important meal of the day.  A good quality breakfast sets your metabolic process for the day.  When you fail to eat breakfast your body will burn muscle for fuel rather than fat.

Maintain This Important Balance

Obesity can be contributed to having an acidic pH.  Acidosis can be a major factor in your ability to lose weight.  When you are acidic you are less apt to burn off stored body fat or build lean muscle tissue.  Acidosis can also keep toxins trapped in your fatty tissues, decrease your metabolism, cause you to bloat and rob your energy.

Drink Up

Reversing obesity can be kicked-off by drinking more water.  The less water you drink the more your will retain it.  Dani Walker tells us,”Drink 6-8 glasses of filtered water each day. You need filtered water to flush fat any toxins from your system!”  Not drinking enough water can be a leading cause of the inability to shed weight.  Water mobilizes sodium and toxins, allowing them to be excreted from the body.  More water in equals more water out.

Break it up and Balance it

Reversing obesity can be combated by eating smaller balance meals throughout the day.  Those who are overweight or obese are often times large meal eaters.  Continual overeating expands you stomach and leads to fat storage.  Rather than have a few large meals a day, eat more small meals.  Eating a small and balanced meal every three hours stabilizes you’re the blood sugar and helps the stomach shrink back to its natural size, before it was stretched out.

Avoid “Diet” Food

Relying on “diet food” to lose weight is a major contributor to gaining weight with the inability to lose it.  Diet foods contain an array of chemicals (toxins) that lead to acidosis, water retention, and massive cravings for sugary foods.  Anything that reads “diet” should be avoided!  Avoiding the processed “diet” foods is taking a big step in reversing obesity.

Use a Proven Program Consistently

Many times those who are overweight or obese are yo-yo dieters.  Going on and off diet after diet, leads to metabolic downgrade.  In addition, each time you stop the diet you regain the weight loss, plus additional weight.  This cycle continues and eventually, over time, you gain more fat.

Caution over the Witching Hour

Those who are overweight or obese tend to be late night eaters or have midnight snacks. Eating late or in the middle of the night can lead to weight gain. Granted, your body does require nutrients while you sleep, but most people grab sugary and starchy foods late at night or in the middle of the night, leading to fat gain.

Most Well-Known Weight Loss Factor You Can Do Anytimered arrow pointing down

Reversing obesity can be combated with increasing your activity level.  Many times lack of exercise can lead to one being overweight or obese. The human body is designed to move and be active. When you fail to keep the body active your metabolism slows down. To lose weight you must get involved in some type of activity daily, whether it is walking, kick boxing, lifting weights, gardening, mowing the lawn, etc.

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