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11 Steps on How to Achieve the Ultimate Body Transformation

ultimate body transformation
Quick and Easy Steps to An Ultimate Body Transformation

Fess up.  You want to make an ultimate body transformation.  You’ve noticed those astounding body transformation success stories littered allover Facebook and plastered on those colorful fitness websites and magazines. You wonder if those are REAL people making REAL changes, and if they really transformed in 12 weeks. How can anyone make such a dramatic change like that in just three months?

As a figure coach, I’m going to let you in on how ultimate body transformation success stories play out. Unlike other information you may read online, this article dips well below the surface of general diet and exercise.

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Typically, when athletes decide to take part in a body transformation they write out every detail of their diet and exercise and then begin full-force on Monday. They have the do-or-die attitude, which is great, but by the third week they are typically burned out. Does this sound familiar?

If your program dwindles down in just weeks, then these steps will be helpful and provide you the advantage you need to keep on track and pushing forward so you can make the ultimate body transformation.

Step #1 – The Primary Rule

Before you begin your fitness journey you need to establish the primary rule and that’s to set attainable goals. If your fitness journey consists of 12 weeks, then break down that goal into several short-term goals leading into one long-term goal.  If you don’t use this basic rule then you just may as well stop now because without goals you are just running around in circles.

Step #2 – The Closing Date

For an ultimate body transformation you have to have a closing date.  When you sit down and write out your short-term and long-term goals be sure to seal your plan with a deadline. The problem with setting goals is that everyone sets a starting date, but just a handful set an actual deadline.  It’s a fact that if you don’t give your plan a start date AND an end date, you will not finish your program and you will not be a success story.

Step #3 – Scheme of Combat

Once you write down your goals, as well as the start date and the end date, you have to create an action plan. This plan maps out the exact path you will take every day in regards to diet and exercise to meet your ultimate body transformation goal.

For example, a synchronized fitness plan would be to write out what you will do every day to make each day a success such as training legs on Monday, training chest and triceps on Tuesday, and so on. This will also include your diet such as eating a veggie omelet at 6:00 am, having a protein-rich snack at 9 am, etc. You gotta have an action plan to follow. It’s your GPS to success.

Be sure to write down your weight, body fat percentage and get some photos take of yourself using four different sides so your physique can be viewed from all angles.

Step #4 – Dedicate and Commit

After you set everything into place you can actually being your action plan. Put your program into effect Monday morning and follow it daily as it’s outlined. You want to make it an effortless part of your daily life.

Even though you have written goals and an action plan established, and you even started it doesn’t necessarily assurance you victory. To be that ultimate body transformation success story you must be dedicated to your program daily.  That’s the golden ticket.

This fitness commitment is not an off and on relationship.  You can’t pick and choose which days you want to be active.  You have to start fresh on your chosen start date and follow your plan through 100% every day. This may mean that you have to forfeit social dinners, cheats, and desserts, but hey, you want to transform, isn’t it worth it, for just 12 weeks?

Step #5 – Sneak a Quick Peek

After two full weeks on your fitness program take a quick peek at your weight and stats to see what kind of changes have taken place.  Has your weight or body fat percentage changed?  What changes do you see in your measurements?  Are there visual changes in the mirror and how do your cloths fit?

Take notes of any changes you notice, good or bad. You will use that information to tweak your plan so you can move forward and succeed at your goal of an ultimate body transformation.

Step #6 – 30 Day Photo Shoot

To make an ultimate body transformation, take lots of photos. After 30 complete days of being totally committed to your fitness plan, take another round of photos to evaluate any changes.  Be sure to take them in the same form you did your first shots.

Place your updated pics next to your start pics.  Take notes of visual and physical changes.  These one-month updated pics and notes serve as ammo to make tweaks to your program.

Step #7 – One Month Evaluation

Once you’ve been on your program for a full month you have information to use to your advantage. Check your weight and your body fat percentage, and check your measurements. What changes have occurred?

If you have not improved at all in your weight or body fat percentage you might need to take a look at your nutrition and either lower calories or adjust your carbs. Also ask yourself if you’ve been 100% dedicated to your workouts.

If you have made improvements then you are on the right track.  Keep pushing forward for that ultimate body transformation.

Step #8 – If It Is Not Broken, Don’t Fix It

A very common and HUGE mistake many athletes make when they are involved in making an ultimate body transformation is that they “tweak” their diet every few days if they are not seeing the results they want each morning. It takes more than just a day to get true results.  Tom Venuto shares, “[The] Definition of insanity #2: Changing something that’s already working for you.  NEVER second guess yourself. It’s understandable to want even better results or faster results. But if it’s not broken don’t try to fix it. If your approach is working, keep doing more of it, no matter what anyone tells you.”  You should ONLY tweak your diet when it is needed. Don’t be a tweak-queen.

Step #9 – Excuse Me

To have an ultimate body transformation you need to bring excuses to an end.  Sorry, but excuses don’t provide results.  Saying such things as “It was my birthday so I cheated,” “I had a business meeting that served lunch,” “I had only a few drinks when I went out,” and so on are statements of failure.

Excuses are graveled paths that lead nowhere. Stop the excuses. YOU need to be in control of your diet, your program, you health, and your life. It’s your choice.

Step #10 – Can the Self Trash-Talk

This is a biggie when it comes to making an ultimate body transformation. You should never, ever think or even speak about yourself in a negative way.  If you comment on yourself or photos of yourself as “out of shape,” “fat,” and so on, that’s exactly what you will become in your mind and in the physical sense. Thoughts ARE real things and they have a way of creeping in from the subconscious to the physical form.

No successful competitor or success story refers to themselves in a negative sense.  They always see themselves in the shape they plan on being in and they speak of themselves in a positive way.

It’s a fact that you can change your thinking to create the outcome you desire. However, you must think it, speak it, and believe it. What the mind believes, the body achieves. It’s as simple as that. If you want to have a fit body, then you damn-well better believe you are getting to that goal every day.  Your mind your strongest instrument and you need to use it to your advantage.

Step #11 – Repeat

Repeat steps 4-10 once a month until you achieve your goal.  If you need a more specific plan for YOUR ultimate body transformation, see the next step below.


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