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Developed Shoulders for a Polished Physique

Need developed shoulders for a polished physique? With all the training misinformation available, I want to share with you how you can build developed shoulders to create the perfect package.

The shoulders can be a hard muscle group to build. Developed shoulders can enhance the rest of your physique by adding shape and making your waist appear smaller.

Many people go about shoulder training ALL Wrong, training them too much, not enough, the wrong exercises in the wrong order, or not using enough weight to even stimulate the thought of growing. To develop your shoulders for a balanced physique, you have to train heavy and use proper form. You have to use the basics to get dynamic results.

The shoulder muscle is made up of three heads; the back (posterior), the front (anterior) and the sides (lateral). Each head needs to be targeted using a specific method for overall development.

developed shoulders for a polished physique

An Ultimate Physique is the Result of Well-Developed Shoulders

Overall Shoulder Development

For developed shoulders, you can target all your shoulder muscles at once by doing the shoulder press. This ONE shoulder exercise can boost your overall shoulder strength and size. This is the daddy of shoulder exercises. For best shoulder development for a polished physique, do shoulder presses first in your shoulder training.  Machines are fine to learn balance and control, but be sure to graduate to the barbells and dumbbells.

It’s recommenced that you press from the front rater than the back. Behind-the-neck pressing is an unnatural movement, and if the poundage is excessive, it can cause injury. Lift heavy weight in your body’s natural alignment to reduce risk of injury.


Front Shoulders

The front raises adds size to the front portion of your shoulders.  To do this exercise stand up straight and use a shoulder-width grip on a barbell.  Using your front shoulders, pull the barbell straight out and upward in front of you until your arms are parallel to the floor.  Release and repeat.

arm training for women


Rear Delts

Developed shoulders also include rear delts. Bent-over lateral raises add size to the back of your shoulders for amazing shoulder development. To execute this exercise, simply bend over at the hips, grasping a light to moderate dumbbell in each hand. With your upper body parallel to the floor, bring each dumbbell up to your sides in a controlled manner. Do not elevate the dumbbells beyond the parallel point. Squeeze and contract your shoulder blades together. This keeps continual tension on them throughout the exercise.

These can also be performed on a machine (reverse fly/reverse pec deck), which I like much better because it allows you to really isolate the rear deltoids.

massive rear delts


Side of Shoulders

For overall shoulder development you need to hit your lateral delts as well.  Upright rows are great for improving your shoulder width.  Hold a dumbbell in each hand or grab a barbell in the center and pull it up to your collarbone.  Lower back to the starting position and repeat.  By using a bit of a wider-grip, you can remove the front delt action some and really target the lateral delts.  Eric Broser at explains, “If you widen your grip to a little beyond your shoulders and bring the bar no higher than your upper chest, you strongly target the lateral-delt heads.”  For best results, don’t go heavy on this exercise. Keep the weight light to moderate.

upright rows for capped delts


What Does All This Mean?

For overall shoulder development, it is crucial that you being your delt training with a power movement to target all the heads simultaneously.  From there work down the line, hitting the front, back, and side delts to bring out your unique shoulder development.  The trick is to train hard and heavy with good form.  If you stay dedicated to serious shoulder training, the results WILL follow.  Be consistent and patient.


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Don't Leave Without This Piece of Information...

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